"Until recently I had no knowledge of the Charney Resolution Center and of the role that Mr. Leon Charney had played in establishing the historic peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. Since hearing about it, my hope to strive for the same kind of peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians has been revitalized. I plan to work hard to reach this goal and to eventually bring peace to the rest of the Middle East as well and I'm very much looking forward to working at the Leon Charney Resolution Center to make that goal a reality.

I realize that my journey is different from everyone else’s but I am okay with that. I grew up in a small village near Hebron in the West bank. There, most of the youngsters dreamed not to finish high school, but to get a permit to work in Be’er Sheva as laborers. The turning point for me was when my father accidentally brought a book called “Man’s Search for Meaning” back with him from Be’er Sheva where he works as a laborer. That book changed my perspective about life and taught me that the attitude we have about our lives is our choice and it's the only thing that can't be taken away from us regardless of the situation. From that small village that half of the year has no electricity, I went on a full scholarship ride all the way to Malaysia, earning my first degree in Information Technology. After that I went to South Korea earning my second degree in Master of Business Administration and focused on behavioral economics. There, I stumbled across a book called “Start-up Nation”. Reading it has given me the motivation to go back home and try to be a part of and learn from the Israeli start-up scene which I also heard a bit about at my university.

Despite the fact that my village and Israel are only a few kilometers apart, it wasn’t as easy as I expected at first. After almost a year and with the help of a program I got an internship at a start-up in Tel-Aviv as a business analyst then got half a scholarship to do an MBA at Tel-Aviv University. I had no idea what this journey would entail when I started, I've been through very tough times but with the help of some great people and amazing friends I was able to finish my studies and graduate.

In the past year since I’ve moved to Tel Aviv, I have gained a better understanding of I’ve met many people from different parts of Israel and from the settlements. I’ve gone through many different experiences e.g. checkpoints, security, I’ve even experienced the sound of sirens. I was able to live and experience what the other side feels and thinks which I believe is the most crucial element of any dialogue.

The Charney Resolution Center is a continuation and expansion of the legacy and mission that Leon Charney once started and I’m proud to be a part of it. I look forward to helping the Center create a dialogue and to one day bringing the Arabs, Palestinians, and Israelis all closer together." — Moha