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Leon Charney Resolution Center Opening

Please join us in celebrating the opening of the Leon Charney Resolution Center. 


The Leon Charney Resolution Center is a new and innovative space dedicated to both the history and the future of negotiations, peace and learning that are are represented by Mr. Leon Charney.  At our center, students and the community surrounding us are welcome to participate in discussions, screenings and events geared toward the idea of expanding our knowledge of resolution and advancing our ability to put our knowledge out into the world in a meaningful way.  The Leon Charney Resolution Center also includes a large digital library with documents, images and movies which will help all visitors expand their knowledge of negotiations, peace and resolution tactics worldwide.  In addition to this library and our programing we also hold the full archive of Mr. Leon Charney.  

The Leon Charney Resolution Center  is located on the campus of the Eastern Mediterranean International School, an international boarding school which focuses on respect towards others, dialogue and the value of peace.  With shared goals we have programs available to the students of EMIS as well as the community surrounding.