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Drum Cafe Event

Students and Guests Rocked to the Drum Cafe Beat

Video Interview with Aviva Nash from Drum Cafe by the students of Charney Resolution Center @ EMIS

Drum Cafe leverages the binding power of rhythm to quickly engage any group in an all-inclusive, non-competitive, interactive experience. 

Developed originally as a method to unite the multicultural workforce in the New South Africa, Drum Cafe specializes in experiences of inclusion that shift attitudes and effect change.  

Participants walk into the room to find a drum on every chair and a team of musicians playing the drum call.  Attendees immediately embrace change by picking up a drum and doing something they've never done before.  Within minutes, the risk pays off, within minutes through specialized facilitation; they are drumming together in perfect unison.

As we experience the flow of a communication that works, the whole group becomes the motivational speech; the inspirational story that drives change within an optimal listening environment.  People become strengthened, not threatened by their differences. 

“Just as rapid neuronal oscillations bind together different functional parts within the brain and nervous system, so rhythm binds together the individual nervous systems of a human community” Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia.

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“Your drumming session brought unity, motivation and a wonderful sense of togetherness to our meeting. Thanks for the most memorable meeting ever!”