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How to Improve Resilience in Schools

Video Coverage of Natie Laor and Danny Hamiel Interviewed by students of Leon Charney Resolution Center @ EMIS

Prof. Nati Laor, Psychiatrist, Director at Tel Aviv Community Mental Health Center, will share in his expertise and introduce Danny Hamiel, Ph. D.

Danny Hamiel, Ph.D.,  Director of the Educational Intervention Unit of the Cohen Harris Resilience Center, the Head of the Cognitive-Behavioral unit, Tel Aviv Community Mental Health Center, and a senior lecturer in Ivchar school of psychology, IDC Center Herzliya, will give a lecture at the Charney Resolution Center.

He will discuss a process of an emotional immunization that was created to help students first to deal better with current daily stressors (academic, social and other age related stressors) and later on in some possible more challenging situations (even in traumatic events). He will discuss and teach some physiological, cognitive and emotional principles and tools that are part of a broader resilience program, to help students to increase their individual and group resilience.