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Documentary Film Screening Night


Directed by Anat Goren


Anat Goren

Daniela Rachminov-Sidi

Twelve-year-old Mussa doesn’t speak, and no one knows why. Refugees from Darfur, he and his parents have been living in Tel Aviv’s worst neighborhood for six years. In a strange stroke of policy, however, he is bussed to an elite private school every day. Leaving behind addicts and prostitutes each morning, he silently navigates an upscale world, befriending privileged kids with gestures, reading and writing in Hebrew, and making a considerable bond with a fellow refugee teacher. Trying to fit in, he wordlessly endures classmates who parrot their parents’ harsh views of immigrants and bravely witnesses fellow students be randomly deported. Little solace is found at home as his largely absent parents work all hours, leaving him even more alone with his voiceless thoughts. When a series of unexpected crises hit, Mussa’s precarious place between two disparate worlds is heartbreakingly revealed in this moving look at the human cost of immigration policy. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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