With graduation and many of the students on summer break, the Charney Resolution Center would like to wish all of you a great summer vacation.

Ein Hod Art Village Trip

On June 6th, the EMIS Visual Arts class took a field trip to the Ein Hod Art village. The village is inhabited entirely by striving artists from all fields.

The students met with several artists who live in the village, toured the local museum, and explored different techniques of art such as ink painting and printmaking. They discussed what it really means to be an artist and if there is only one right definition. They reached the conclusion that being an artist is not whether you can paint or sculpt, it is more about your way of thinking creatively.

It was a beautiful and enriching experience. The students were grateful to have found more ways to express themselves and to create peace and change through their love for art.

CRC Ambassadors

We would like to update you on the progress of the Charney Resolution Center Ambassadors have been making in their missions.

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Vietnamese Youth Model United Nations Ambassador – Khanh Tong

My ambassador experience for the Leon Charney Resolution Center began after my graduation from EMIS last year. It has been a wonderful journey and after my attendance at the National Model United Nations conference in Washington DC last November, I was incredibly inspired to recreate the same dynamic performing opportunity for students across Vietnam.

After six months of constant incubating and refining, I am content to announce the happening of the first Vietnamese Youth Model United Nations Conference (VYMUN) 2019, held in Ha Noi, from the 25th to the 28th of July. As the Director-General of the conference, I have been able to shape the it into an extensive and deep learning environment. It will benefit delegates and observers in the long run as they learn soft skills such as research, writing, and public speaking in a proper way. It will also help participants get the necessary academic and mental support from competent chairs and staff. Having “The Butterfly Effect” as the conference theme, VYMUN 2019 is here to honor and highlight every contribution that participants are willing to make in a collaborative effort. Hence, the conference features 7 different committees as follows: UN Conference on Trade and Development, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, Arab League, Press Corps, Joint Crisis Committee on the Mexican Drug War, and finally, the Experimental Committee simulating the General Assembly on the Creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

Applications are open until June 29, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and apply for a wonderful summer experience! You can also follow the VYMUN Facebook page for more progress updates. Last but not least, on behalf of VYMUN 2019 organizing team and as an ambassador of Leon Charney Resolution Center, I would like to thank the center for your tremendous support in the past months and I can’t wait to share the end result with you! -- Khanh Tong

UDoNoMe by ISRAELI-is – Ophyr Hanan

Ophyr Hanan, our Ambassador Program coordinator, was recently accepted to participate in an international program named "UDoNoMe", formed by an NGO named "ISRAELl-is".

The ISRAEL-is initiative was founded by three former officers from an elite unit in the IDF who went backpacking and realized that there are a lot of misconceptions between cultures, especially in regards to the reality in the Middle East. They then formed ISRAEL-is with the goal of strengthening Israel’s image through young Israelis who travel abroad. ISRAEL-is works to promote meaningful encounters between young Israelis on their “big trip” and fellow travelers from all over the world, through the P2P (people-to-people) method. By strengthening the network between Israeli and international backpackers, they help positively influence global public opinion and strive to make stronger connections between people through shared experiences and personal stories.

The "UDoNoMe" programs take part in various destinations abroad, where a group of ambassadors trained by the ISRAELI-is program works hands-on with international backpackers and proactively initiate encounters between Israeli travelers and foreign travelers from all over the world. They connect primarily by means of social gatherings, for example: Shakshuka competitions, trivia competitions, and many more. For more information about the NGO and their endeavors please CLICK HERE

Ophyr will be taking part in their international program in Cusco, Peru during the month of August, 2019 and will document her experiences on our monthly newsletter. Best of luck, Ophyr!

Tales of Expression – Caterina Barbi Update

CRC Ambassador Caterina’s speech at the “Tales of Expression” Event on April 13, 2019.

Special Report by Ambassador Ido Aharoni with Scott Shay

Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Chairman of The Charney Forum on New Diplomacy talks to Scott Shay, Chairman of Signature Bank and the author of recent book “In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism”.

Scott Shay on the video thumbnail

Moonhug Joins the celebration of Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

Please join us on July 20th as it marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. #Moonhug joins with The Lunar Window and The People’s Moon in celebrating this momentous occasion in Times Square.

Apollo 11, on July 20, 1969

Apollo 11, on July 20, 1969

More information please visit  #moonhug

More information please visit #moonhug

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