In September, 2018, Ophyr, an alumnus of the first graduating class of EMIS joined us as a Charney Resolution Center Ambassador and as the coordinator of the Ambassador Program. 

One of her accomplishments was participating in a panel organised by EMIS and the non-government organisation “Women Wage Peace” that took place in the Green Village (HaKfar HaYarok) on March 29th, 2019 alongside Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of the inspiring Mahatma Gandhi. The women that participated in the panel are all leaders in promoting change in the region of Israel. Whether through politics, the art of creative writing, or the education of women and the involvement of them in schools. Ophyr then spoke of her goals for the future, her aspirations to bring people together through ways of direct communication and celebrating differences rather than fighting to control them. She also expressed the goals of the ambassador program and how she thinks that by building a network of leaders from around the world, it makes her hopeful towards bringing changes in perspectives and peace. 

“I am very excited to be involved with the Charney Center and its mission. Ever since my time at EMIS, it has been difficult to find a platform that supports healthy dialogue and promotes peace on an international spectrum. I feel like with the Ambassador’s program, we have the power to achieve real change. Thanks to our experiences at EMIS and CRC, we can broaden people’s ways of thinking by expressing our perspectives on peace from a personal level. Anyone who has an idea, a project, or a message that he or she would like to present to their community, wherever they are in the world, please do not hesitate to contact me!” -- Ophyr Hanan

UDoNoMe Project Update by CRC Ambassador Ophyr Hanan

Last week, our ambassador and coordinator of the Leon Charney Resolution Center ambassador program, Ophyr started a two month volunteer program in Cusco, Peru that is called UDoNoMe powered by the ISRAEL-is non profit organization.

"This week started out amazing. We conducted a cooking contest and also built an ecologically friendly fence out of recycled bottles in a local kindergarten that is located right on a dangerous main road. We also had very meaningful conversations with people from all around the world, including Lebanon and Syria. The sense of purpose that I feel by sharing my personal story and culture as well as getting to know other travelers from around the world is truly amazing. As fellow backpackers, I do not feel as if there are any stereotypes and presumptions about me, we are all young people striving to get to know each other and to travel with a sense of purpose. I am confident that these encounters will lead to a change of mindset, similar to our mission at the Charney center."

“After two weeks of immense volunteer work and lots of interactions with people from around the world through the UDoNoMe program, I have continued my mission of bridging the gap between cultures throughout my travels.

Currently I have been traveling around Bolivia, in La Paz and Uyuni. I find it fascinating how much you can get to know a person if you ask them simple questions about themselves and their plans for the future. People love to talk about their lives and their ambitions, and I have taken a lot of inspiration from the stories and conversations that I have had.

It gives me hope that if we all strive to communicate more with one another and compassionately listen to each other we might be able to reach peace in my region, or better yet, learn how to share this world together.”

-- Ophyr Hanan


Video about Ophyr’s experience as an ambassador at the CRC NYC headquarters