On March 1st and 2nd, the Leon Charney Resolution Center and EMIS hosted their first Israel-Palestine peace talk simulation with EMIS International students.

Over a span of 48 hours, 45 EMIS students divided into Israeli and Palestinian delegations and negotiated in order to achieve the near impossible: a detailed two-state solution to the conflict.

For two days, students negotiated to find a solution on a variety of issues entrenched in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict including checkpoints, security, Jerusalem, and refugees.

Inspirational video played prior to the Peace Simulation Event for Emis at Charney Resolution Center Students about Camp David Peace Accord Negotiation. 

Global Life Jacket Project at Charney Resolution Center, initiative by students


The work is a cornerstone, offering a new point of view of the loaded reciprocity between two nations forced to share the same territory. Semblance of a Sabra. 

Sapir Handelman on Interactive Methods to Cope with Intractable Conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian Case

Prof. Yossi Ben Artzi and Prof. Amiram Goldblum on Peace Now Movement

Prof. Nati Laor, Psychiatrist and Dr. Danny Hamiel on How to Improve Resilience workshop

Brigadier General (Ret.) Israela Oron lecture: Dealing with the Past - Building the Future

Brigadier General (Ret.) Israela Oron lecture: Dealing with the Past - Building the Future (full coverage)

Interview with Aviva Nash, CEO of Drum Cafe at the Kick Off Event at the Center

Charney Resolution Center kicked off with its first open event: drumming!

Opening of the Leon Charney Resolution Center with special guest: Tzili and Leon Charney