Kicking Off A New Academic Year

It’s hard to believe but summer is almost over and a new academic school year is about to start. On August 28, 93 new EMIS students gathered at the Leon Charney Resolution Center for a warm welcome from Tzili Charney and the center’s director, Michal Atzmon. Ms. Charney introduced the students to the activities that they will take place in at the center throughout the year. We wish all EMIS students and staff a productive and fulfilling year.


Follow Me

The Leon Charney Resolution Center has collaborated with the organization Acharai (Follow Me) to lead two “Erez” post-high school academic groups tailored to those from Israel’s socio-economic and geographical periphery. The groups are located in the Cities of Lod and Jerusalem. Both groups consist of heterogenic backgrounds with 45% of the participants from each group originating from Israel’s Ethiopian community. The goal of the collaboration is to make these post-high school academies easily accessible to those from socially and economically marginalized backgrounds. Acharai is an organization focused on youths leading change and is the largest organization on Israel’s periphery empowering the youth there and putting them onto a path of success.    

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The University of Haifa Faculty of Law Legal Clinics and Refugee Mental Health

The Leon Charney Resolution Center has partnered with the University of Haifa’s Faculty of Law Legal Clinics and Refugee Mental Health Initiative in a new national initiative to help care for tens of thousands of adults and children forcibly displaced from E. Africa (Eritrea, Sudan) whom have sought asylum in Israel. 

*Report from the University: (Dr. Amit Bernstein, Dr. Tammy Harel Ben-Shahar)
The work has begun and is progressing well. Their team of Eritreans and Israelis is working tirelessly – and doing all they can to reach asylum seekers in great need of care. Preliminary responses to the mindfulness intervention have been very moving – men and women alike are sharing how the intervention is impacting their lives. 
The first men's and women's cohort of the mindfulness-based trauma recovery program in Kuchinate has been successfully completed. The people have provided feedback that suggests the experience has been life changing for them.  
There is also a developing new project connecting refugees in Israel with our universities – the Welcoming Refugee Scholars Initiative.
The African Refugee and Woman’s Collective Website:


Tzili Charney Pilot Program on Values and Virtues in Medical Practice. Burnout preventions, Professionalism Heightening, and Enhancing Resiliency (BUPHER) in the Surgical Division TLSMC

The Tzili Charney pilot program brings together the experience developed by the Cohen-Harris Resilience Center (by the Association for Children at Risk, RA), Department of Medical Education of Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Surgical Division, Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel. This collaboration will develop, implement and assess a professionalism- and resiliency-based top-down educational program for senior and junior surgical physicians. (To note, the professionalism promoting program is partially based on ideas originally published by The NYU professionalism training for surgical residents) The outcome will serve the hospital, as well as the medical school, as a blueprint for future educational programs.

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ZAZ10TS exhibition “Maskit X Eyal Nevo Mount Sodom"

On September 6, we held an opening reception for the ZAZ10TS exhibition “Maskit X Eyal Nevo: Mount Sodom”and it be viewed at 10 Times Square Lobby (1441 Broadway, New York) until the end of October 2018 and is open to public Monday to Friday from 8AM to 10PM. 
For more information about the exhibition, visit

Sharon Tal, Maskit Head Designer & Tzili Charney, Founder of ZAZ10TS

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