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We invite you to join us in reviewing some of our previous initiatives so far in 2018 as well as introduce you to some new plans that we care about.


The Kiryat Ono Democratic School & The Jerusalem School from East Jerusalem

On Monday, March 5 and on Thursday, March 15, students from these two schools met for the first Peace Talks Simulation at the Kiryat Ono Democratic School, sponsored by The Leon Charney Resolution Center.

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The Diplomatic Department of Ort Binyamina & The Jerusalem School from East Jerusalem

On Tuesday, March 6 students from these two schools met for the second Peace Talks Simulation, also sponsored by The Leon Charney Resolution Center at Hakafar Hayarok. 

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A Public Congress

In addition, we also sponsored a Public Congress while partnering with The Mind of Peace & Goethe Institutes. By participating in these discussions and expressing their ideas, these students took on their responsibilities as young citizens by taking action in initiating future change. 

Click HERE to watch the full coverage of the event. 

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TLV Professionalism

Tzili Charney Pilot Program on Values and Virtues in Medical Practice: preventing burnout and promoting resiliency in the Surgical Division

Tzili Charney’s pilot program brings together the experience developed by the Cohen-Harris Resilience Center, Department of Medical Education, Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Surgical Division of the  Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel. This program aims to meet the urgent problems recognized recently in hospital medical wards:

1) The violation of doctors’ commitment to core professional values such as general respect and showing compassion to those they are treating which is central to a patients’ well-being.

2) The increasing rates in physicians’ burnout, which is a significant hazard to a doctor’s personal well-being, professional functioning, and appropriate quality of care that their patients should be receiving. 

This collaboration will assess, develop, and implement a professionally driven educational intervention system for junior and senior surgical physicians. The outcome will serve the hospital, as well as the medical school as a blueprint for future educational interventions for students on how to deal with these pressing issues.

What do Michael Jordan, Coca Cola and Mega-cities have in common?

That was the topic of a lecture given by Dr. Ido Aharoni, Israel's former counsel general in New York, to the students of the University Summer Youth Program on July 15 at Tel Aviv University. In his lecture, sponsored by the Leon Charney Resolution Center, Mr. Aharoni, a current NYU Professor, said that "we are all brands". He continued to talk about the changes happening to our society due to the Information Revolution and its implications. The lecture was part of an enriching program in cooperation with WYRED, an EU (Editor’s Note: What’s EU?) project. During this program, the students explored the future of society and highlighted dilemmas and issues that they perceived as challenges both locally and globally.

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The University of Haifa Faculty of Law Legal Clinics and Refugee Mental Health

The Leon Charney Resolution Center has partnered with the University of Haifa’s Faculty of Law Legal Clinics and Refugee Mental Health Initiative in a new national initiative to help care for tens of thousands of adults and children forcibly displaced from E. Africa (Eritrea, Sudan) whom have sought asylum in Israel. The Middle East is at the heart of a global crisis of forced displacement due to civil war, violent conflict, ethnic cleansing, and hunger. Forcibly displaced asylum seekers experience traumatic events such as violence, torture, and sexual assault before and during displacement. Asylum seekers often struggle to survive life-threatening migration and subsequent post displacement stressors related to resettlement, residential status, and discrimination. Forced displacement thus, all too often, leads to complex social struggles related to social integration, welfare, human rights, violence, discrimination, debts, education, and vocation as well as severe and chronic mental health problems related to trauma and post migration living difficulties. We have therefore partnered to develop and deliver innovative and effective approaches to enable this refugee community to not only survive, but to thrive. Dr. Tammy Harel Ben-Shahar is directing Legal Clinics to address social integration, welfare, human rights, violence against women, discrimination, debts, education, vocation, and the needs of asylum seekers. Dr. Amit Bernstein is directing the University of Haifa Refugee Mental Health Initiative to deliver an innovative Mindfulness-Based Trauma Recovery treatment for Refugees designed to help heal the hidden (mental health) scars of trauma and chronic stress of asylum seekers. Our work is closely coordinated with NGOs, refugee community leaders, humanitarian and legal advocacy organizations, and social policy makers. Together, we aspire to guide, impact, and empower asylum seekers in Israel.

ZAZ10TS exhibition “Sara Berman: Between Community and Commerce”

If you missed the opening reception on July 11, the new ZAZ10TS art installation can be viewed  at 10 Times Square Lobby (1441 Broadway, New York) until September 4, 2018 and is open to public Monday to Friday from 8AM to 10PM. 
For more information about the exhibition, click HERE

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To watch a short video of Sara Berman talk about her work click HERE

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