Congratulations to our outstanding class of 2018!

Another school year is coming to an end, and on May 24th, 2018 EMIS 12th grade graduation ceremony took place at Hakfar Hayarok. Michal Atzmon, CRC director, presented the students with a special farewell gift and congratulated them on behalf of Mrs. Charney. She sent them off with Mr. Charney's message: ..."Examine what options you have available to you. Maintain an awareness of this. Make proper choices and bring about changes in your life, while at the same time, contributing to making the world a better place"

Congratulations to the class of 2018! Dream big! Reach higher!


In honor of Ramadan, the ceremony took place in the early hours of the evening and due to outdoor conditions we were unable to screen the pre-recorded annual congratulatory message from Mrs. Charney to the students. Please click on video to view.

Year of working towards Peace                                                                                                                

Earlier this year in February we hosted the 2nd annual Leon Charney Resolution Center Peace Talks Simulation. We are very proud of all the students who took on the roles of representatives from both Israel & Palestine and worked tirelessly while negotiating peace agreements. With their graduation, we want to share below a video of the event itself. 

Leon Charney Reporters
Click below to watch a new episode of the Leon Charney Reporters about the students’ experience at the Simulation.

EMIS students rekindling hope!
On April 29 as part of the Have You Seen The Horizon Lately event, 3 EMIS students opened the evening with a panel titled: Between Psychology and Politics – How to rekindle hope in an atmosphere of mistrust and ongoing conflict, at Talkhouse Tel-Aviv. Julia Bronnikov from Haifa Israel, Dana Ghoul from East Jerusalem, and Siseko Bango from South Africa, shared their experiences on how they studied and lived together at EMIS. 

The eagles are coming!
CRC in cooperation with The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) sponsored the Eagle Project. On May 23, 2018, EMIS 11th grad students traveled to the Hay-Bar Carmel to learn about the preservation of eagles in Israel and to place a GPS tracker, on one of them before setting him free.

The vultures bred at the Carmel Hay-Bar are reintroduced into the wild as part of a nation-wide project called Taking Israeli Raptors Under our Wing. The purpose of the project is to increase the population of vultures which has declined in Israel in the last few decades. After a short film about the Hay-Bar, and an explanation by the rangers, the student were introduced to a gorgeous Griffon vulture. This injured vulture arrived to the Hay-Bar just several weeks ago from... Syria! The rangers were contacted by a Syrian who found it and transfer it to the Hay-Bar via a special gate on the Israeli-Syria border. Although Israel and Syria do not have official diplomatic relations, this gate is part of IDF's Operation Good Neighbors, that helped more then 4000 Syrian refugees to receive medical treatment in Israel since 2013! 

The eagles are coming! (continue)

With CRC sponsored GPS tracker, the rangers, together with EMIS students, will be able to follow his route and even provide help in case of emergency! Beautiful and healthy, the eagle is now back in nature, join together with his peers roaming the skies of the Mediterranean again! To learn more about the Hay-Bar, please click here.

 The Griffon vulture 

The Griffon vulture 

 Putting the GPS on the eagle right before setting him free again!

Putting the GPS on the eagle right before setting him free again!

Israel-Diaspora Relations: “Past, Present, and Future” Inspired by Leon H. Charney
On May 3rd, Beit Hatfutsot held a panel accompanied by Yeshiva university that took place at the American Center for Jewish History titled Israel-Diaspora Relations: “Past, Present and Future” Inspired by Leon H. Charney. The conversation was moderated by Prof. David Myers (President & CEO of the Center for Jewish History and Professor of History at UCLA) and joined by Prof. Nathaniel Laor (Professor of Philosophy, Psychiatry and Medical Education, Tel-Aviv University), Dr. Aaron J. Koller (Associate Professor of Near Eastern and Jewish Studies Chair, Robert M. Beren Department of Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University), Prof. Marjorie Lehman (Associate Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics at The Jewish Theological Seminary), Prof. Shaul Magid (Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University Center for Jewish History Fellow), and Alana Newhouse (Editor and Founder of Tablet Magazine).   

For a full coverage of the event please click here.

Jerusalem: The end of the expo of “24:7” by ZAZ10TS & the opening of the Anne Frank expo

The art initiative "24:7" premiered in Times Square in December of 2017 and was successfully brought over to the Dwek gallery in Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem in February of 2018. Earlier this month, the initiative closed down with a panel presenting the video works of Sharon Balaban, Rona Yefman, and Avi Mugrabi. With the closing of “24:7”, ZAZ10TS partnered with Dwek in order to present David Polonsky’s new expo: From "Anne Frank - The Graphic Diary" that’s available to view at the gallery from May to August. The exhibition features a selection of illustrated pages from the book "Anne Frank - The Graphic Diary", an unusual project adapted from the original diary by Ari Folman and David Polonsky. Download PFD for more information about the exhibition. 


 Tzili Charney, Founder of ZAZ & Moti Schwartz, CEO of Mishkenot, ZAZ 24:7 Opening at Mishkenot

Tzili Charney, Founder of ZAZ & Moti Schwartz, CEO of Mishkenot, ZAZ 24:7 Opening at Mishkenot

 Opening Exhibition "Anna Frank - The graphic Diary"

Opening Exhibition "Anna Frank - The graphic Diary"

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