On May 6 Alper Üstüntaşco organized and spoke as the first Charney Center Ambassador at the ““TEDxGolbasi: Speaking the Unspoken”  event in Turkey on his experience and inspiration from EMIS and the Charney Resolution Center. His goal was to approach his local community and engage them in topics such as open-mindness and freedom of speech.  He wished to break the taboos and prejudices in his society and to have more contribution and involvement from his community in overcoming these issues.

”Speaking The Unspoken”

“Speaking the unspoken” means revealing the good and useful aspects of the “unspoken” through the demolition of social prejudices and stereotypes by talking publicly and openly about the issues that are tabooed in society, discomforting when talking, ignored, but actually quite important. “Speaking the unspoken” also means the social integration of the avant-garde and innovative concepts and trends that the society can not catch up with and thus can not speak about.

The Speech of Alper Üstüntaşco

“The kids who I met there had enough potential to fight against the prejudices they faced and a talent of mediation to solve conflicts between humans, and in the future, between nations”

- Alper Üstüntaşco | To read his full speech, click HERE.


TedxGolbasi, Turkey | Charney Resolution Center Video Summary