AMBASSADOR CATERINA BARBI | Italy | April 13, 2019

Caterina organized the Student Agora Event Tales of Expression at her university in France at the SciencesPo Menton campus on April 13th. The event was a day of lectures by different speakers whose common goal was to explore different ways of expression and inspire the audience to go beyond the normal forms of communication. The speakers, coming from diverse backgrounds and professions, spoke about working in politics as a woman, transsexuality, questions of identity, and hate speech online.

”Tales of Expression”

Targeting such a wide array of topics, the conference managed to appeal and inspire the entire audience, presenting them with questions about issues of communication and expression that go well beyond the students' everyday life. The experience was enhanced by the side events like: the CRC movie, which shed lights on the Camp David accords, an art exhibition, which explained the role of calligraphy in developing Islamic art, and a dance workshop that helped the audience explore new ways of communication.

The Speech of Caterina Barbi

“… I attended a conflict-management workshop every Sunday, which further ingrained in me the importance of attentive listening and communication, values on which the centre stands by when partnering with different projects up to this very day. This is precisely why, when we first started thinking about this year’s theme “Tales of Expression”, I  immediately thought of the CRC as the partner I wanted for our team”

- Caterina Barbi | To read her full speech, click HERE.