Grace sits down with Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Chairman of The Charney Forum on New Diplomacy.

Grace talks to Nicholas J. Cull, Professor of Public Diplomacy and the author of recent book "Public Diplomacy: Foundations for Global Engagement in the Digital Age".

Grace in conversation with Julie Toskan, CEO of Genius 100 Visions and member of Mac Cosmetics Founder Team.


Currently a student at Olivet University, Grace learned about the Charney Resolution Center while interning in Washington D.C at The Heritage Foundation.

”I learned how the program uses peace talks simulations that follow the Camp David formula. I like how the organization takes practical steps in bridging gaps between the younger generation through interactive work. The Center’s passion and dedication for creating an understanding between Israelis and Palestinians inspired me to get involved. It would be a privilege to serve as the Center’s ambassadors and to promote their message.” - Grace Klein

Launch Event of Charney Forum of New Diplomacy | New York | April 11, 2019

The Charney Forum on New Diplomacy at the University of Haifa held its International Launch Event on April 11 in partnership with NYU at 10 Times Square New York. The event marked the opening reception for the “The Rise of New Diplomacy” Forum. New diplomacy describes the shift in age-old communication that can be observed in the way nation-states communicate and react towards one another. Instead of relying on a government-to-government communication channel, there is a specific focus on people-to-people interactions. 

Ido Ahoroni, Chairman of The Charney Forum on New Diplomacy introduced The New Forum with remarks and a speech from special keynote speaker Margery Kraus – Founder & Chairwoman of APCO Worldwide. Other speakers included Scott Shay, Chairman of Signature Bank and the author of “Faith, Finance and a Theory of Everything”, Nicolas Cull, the Professor of Communication at The University of Southern California and Julie Toskan, who is part of MAC Cosmetic’s Founding Team and CEO of Genius 100.

Grace as our ambassador covered the event and interviewed Ido Aharoni, Nicholas Cull, Julia Toskan as they discussed their careers, along with their expertise on “new diplomacy”.

“It was fascinating to learn about new diplomacy and the many other important lessons that can be applied to the business world. It is important for young professionals to understand the significance of communication tools and to have good intentions when pursuing new opportunities.”- Grace

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