EMIS Reunion

On April 17th, EMIS had it's 5th year reunion event. Approximately 30 EMIS alumni attended. Some among them came from the West Bank and the Netherlands especially for the event.

“We talked a lot about our mission of making a change and peace around the world. I talked about the CRC Ambassador Program and a lot of students expressed their ideas for projects in their region that could lead to building bridges between cultures. I believe an alumni networking system should be established because together we have a lot of power, with lots of voices anxious to be heard." - Ophyr, first year EMIS graduate, coordinator of the Ambassador Program, and CRC ambassador in Israel. 


Aharai! Graduation Ceremonies

On February 26th and February 28th, two graduating ceremonies of two groups formulated by the “Aharai (Follow Me)” association and sponsored by the Leon Charney Resolution Center took place. One ceremony was in the City of Lod and the other in Jerusalem. The group in Lod went on a three-day hiking trek from Jerusalem to Lod, only to arrive straight into the auditorium in which their parents and loved ones awaited them with proud and open arms. CRC is happy to support the young students of such an organisation, which promotes communication, social involvement and change, just as our mission brings people together in order to make change and peace.

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Charney Center Collaborate with Haifa University and Mind of Peace to host largest Israeli-Palestinian student congress

The University of Haifa hosts largest Israeli-Palestinian student congress ever held in the region in partnership with the Charney Resolution Center. Some 150 Israeli and Palestinian university and high school students gathered on campus this week to ‘negotiate’ peaceful solutions to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. They were greeted by President Ron Robin, Prof. Gad Barzilai, Vice Provost and Head of the International School, and Prof. Jenny Kurman, Dean of Students. Students conducted negotiation role-play simulations to build mutual trust, end violence and come up with creative solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Dr. Sapir Handelman, winner of the prestigious Peter Baker Prize for Peace and Conflict Research, led the discussions. The event was initiated by longstanding University supporter Dr. Tzili Charney, founder of the Leon Charney Resolution Center in honor of her late husband Leon H. Charney. The Center aims to motivate individuals, especially the next generation, to pursue peaceful solutions by providing training in the art of negotiation and mediation. The student congress was held in cooperation with Minds of Peace. 

L-R: Sapir Handelman (Research & Simulation Leader), Tzili Charney (Center Founder) and Ron Robin, President of the University of Haifa.

L-R: Sapir Handelman (Research & Simulation Leader), Tzili Charney (Center Founder) and Ron Robin, President of the University of Haifa.

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