The Jewish Bookshelf at Beit Hatfusot: The Mystery of The Kaddish and The Battle of The Two Talmuds

On Friday, December 30, 2016 Beit Hatfutsot hosted a discussion among scholars titled "The Jewish Bookshelf--The Mystery of the Kaddish and the Battle of the Two Talmuds." The books were written by Leon H. Charney Z"L and Saul Mayzlish and the event was initiated by Tzili Charney in honor of her husband Leon on the occasion of the Hebrew publication of The Two Talmuds.

The audience was enlightened and challenged by the four speakers, Dr. Ruth Calderon, a former MK and the chair of "Alma"; Prof. Naty Laor, a psychiatrist, researcher and poet; Dr. Moshe Lavi a lecturer of Bible and Talmud at Haifa University; Prof. Israel Aronson, president of Efratha College.  The panel, which was moderated by Saul Mayzlish, highlighted the sophisticated elasticity of Judaism, the freedom of text interpretation and the capacity to study and debate disparate ideas, while weaving them together as Judaism's intellectual assets.  These dimensions of Judaism are articulated in both The Mystery of the Kaddish and The Battles of the Two Talmuds. 

The diverse audience of 100 was appreciative of the content-rich event.  To quote one of the participants "In a two-hour session I learned more than in 40 years of study."

As the programmatic arm and content provider of The Museum of the Jewish People, Beit Hatfutsot of America will hold a parallel session in New York in May 2017.

Participants received copies of the books.  A digital version of each book will be available online as part of the Leon H. Charney Digital Center at Beit Hatfutsot which will encompass all of Leon Charney's intellectual assets: articles, books, TV programs, Films and CDs.