EMIS' Good Deeds Day

The tradition of EMIS’ Good Deeds Day launched on Friday, April 13th. EMIS’ Good Deeds Day is a collective volunteering day that will take place in April once a year where all the first-year students come together and contribute to society as a community. This year we decided to focus on an environmental issue. During this past Passover, many people decided to travel into various natural settings for the holiday but unfortunately had no respect for the locations that they were visiting and left a LOT of garbage wherever they went. This trash eventually makes its way into the water and causes pollution and danger for marine life living in those areas. Thankfully, The Charney Center and the Nature and Park Authority were kind enough to send us to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center in Mevo'ot Yam. There we saw the turtles that have been saved by the center and we decided discussed the central issue responsible for their suffering. Afterwards, we all went to the shore and divided into groups to pick up the trash outlining the coast. In 2 hours, we managed to fill up over 40 bags of trash that was left on the shore. By doing this, we helped to save the sea turtles and other animals that could have been choked or trapped by left trash. The experience was very powerful as everyone contributed and understood the meaning of their actions. One of the significant learning outcomes from this day was that we should always clean up after ourselves and never leave dangerous human products in nature where it can cause pain and suffering.

By Keren Saban