Israeli-Palestinian Congress of High School Students by Sapir Handelman

On October 18, 2018 the Charney Resolution Center and the Minds of Peace NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) led the two parts of an Israeli-Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress made up of teenagers. A delegation of 25 Palestinian high-school students met a delegation of 25 Israeli high-school students in Tel-Aviv to discuss, debate, and negotiate solutions to their current situation. The negotiations took place in Ironi Dalet – one of the Israeli’s high schools. The students led the discussions around three negotiating tables by themselves without intervention from the teachers. The negotiators succeeded in concluding a preliminary agreement on Trust Building Measures and the Suspension of the Violent Struggle. The agreements included ad-hoc solutions to urgent problems such as: Violence, The Gaza Crisis, Temple Mount, and the expansion of the settlements. More to come in 2019.