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Ambassador Program: Spreading the Mission

The Charney Resolution Center (CRC) Ambassador Program offers EMIS alumni a chance to use the Charney Resolution Center and our international platform as a way to represent the center and its mission as they go to make a difference in communities all over the world. Our goal is to nurture EMIS graduates into becoming CRC (Charney Resolution Center) ambassadors as they embark on their individual journeys.  
If you are an alumni of EMIS @ CRC and are working on a project that would make a contribution to your community and would like to present it under the CRC international platform, please reach out to us to discuss the details.

“The mission of our program is to give those involved a platform to implement their own ideas for improving their communities and to spread the center’s message of peace”.
Tzili Charney

The coordinator of the Program is our New York Ambassador, Ophyr Hanan- EMIS Alumni of the 2016 graduating class.
“Real change comes from within. It is vital to embrace change within our communities, through healthy dialogue and the gaining of knowledge. Only then will we achieve peace on a global scale. I feel like with the Ambassador’s program, we have the power to achieve real change. Thanks to our experiences at EMIS and CRC, we can broaden people’s ways of thinking by expressing our perspectives on peace from a personal level.” – Ophyr Hanan


Ophyr Hanan, Israel. Learn more click  HERE

Ophyr Hanan, Israel. Learn more click HERE

As an alumnus of the first graduating class of EMIS, she joined our headquarters in New York City as part of the media staff, a reporter for the newsletter, as a Charney Resolution Center Ambassador and coordinator of the Ambassador Program.
With her passion for media and communications Ophyr plans to develop further the Leon Charney Reporters student edition, interviewing past and future ambassadors in all their endeavors.

Naka Kerba, South Serdan | Learn more click  HERE

Naka Kerba, South Serdan | Learn more click HERE

Naka Kerba will be representing the Center at Florida Atlantic University as part of the Leon Charney Diplomacy Program during this upcoming September. Naka, an EMIS graduate of the 2016 inaugural class, is a citizen of South Sudan and currently majoring in Government and Business at the IDC Herzliya College

Caterina Barbi, Italy | Learn more click  HERE

Caterina Barbi, Italy | Learn more click HERE

The Leon Charney Resolution Center built a partnership with ambassador Caterina Barbi, an EMIS alumni of 2017 who initiated and organised the “Student Agora Event” at her university, Sciences Po Paris in Menton, France on April 13th, 2019. The event was a day of lectures by different speakers who's common goal was to explore different ways of expression and inspire the audience to go beyond the normal forms of communication. 

Grace Klein, United States | Learn more click  HERE

Grace Klein, United States | Learn more click HERE

The Leon Charney Resolution Center welcomes its first ambassador to have not previously attended EMIS to the ambassadorship program. Her name is Grace and she has prepared a personal introduction:
“I am currently a student at Olivet University near Chicago, IL. I heard about the Charney Resolution Center while interning in Washington D.C at The Heritage Foundation. The Center’s passion and dedication for creating an understanding between Israelis and Palestinians inspired me to get involved. It would be a privilege to serve as one of the Center’s ambassadors and to promote their message”.

Khanh Ton, Vietnam | Learn more click  HERE

Khanh Ton, Vietnam | Learn more click HERE

The Leon Charney Diplomacy Program welcomed CRC ambassador Khanh Ton from Hue, Vietnam, a recent graduate from EMIS to Florida Atlantic University. With other Charney Diplomacy Program students, she will compete in the National Model United Nations (NMUN) simulation in Washington D.C. She will report her experiences in our monthly newsletter. After being given these tools in Florida, Khanh plans on building a project within her hometown in Vietman that will involve the local community.

Alper Üstüntaşco, Turkey | Learn more click  HERE

Alper Üstüntaşco, Turkey | Learn more click HERE

On May 6, 2018 in Turkey, CRC ambassador Alper Üstüntaşco, an EMIS alumni and graduate in 2017, organized the “TEDxGolbasi: Speaking the Unspoken”  event. There he spoke about his experience and inspiration from EMIS and the Charney Resolution Center. His goal was to approach his local community and engage them in topics such as open-mindness and freedom of speech.  He wished to break the taboos and prejudices in his society and to have more contribution and involvement from his community in overcoming these issues.


We will gladly support anyone with a national or international project that will represent the center and its mission.
Personal sponsorships or scholarships won’t be supported by our program.

If any alumni who would like to share their personal experience participating in a simulation, their time at EMIS, or their interaction with the Center, we would be happy to discuss your appearance and involvement at our next simulation or major event. 

Upcoming events in which we’d need participation from alumni:
1. A conference taking place at the NYU campus this April: who would be in the United States in the spring with simulation experience
2. Peace Simulation at EMIS in February

To read about our peace simulations click HERE or watch a video coverage of 2018 peace simulation HERE.

Contact: Ophyr Hanan at: